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This 'tree' is really a pyramidal neuron of cerebral cortex.  The axon exiting at bottom goes long distances, eventually splitting up into 10,000 small branchlets to make synapses with other brain cells.
William H. Calvin

University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-1800 USA

1972BrainRes.htm 08-Jan-1997 17:54 4k
Calvin, William H. (1972). Synaptic potential summation and repetitive firing mechanisms: input-output theory for the recruitment of neurons into epileptic bursting firing patterns. Brain Research 39: 71-94.

1972JNeurophysiolCS.htm 08-Jan-1997 19:34 7k
Calvin, W. H., and Schwindt, P. C. (1972). Steps in production of motoneuron spikes during rhythmic firing. Journal of Neurophysiology 35:297-310.

1972JNeurophysiolSC.htm 08-Jan-1997 17:54 5k
Schwindt, P.C., and Calvin, W. H. (1972). Membrane-potential trajectories between spikes underlying motoneuron firing rates. Journal of Neurophysiology 35:311-325.

1973BrainRes.htm 13-Jan-1997 10:00 19k
Schwindt, P.C., and Calvin, W. H. (1973). Equivalence of synaptic and injected current in determining the membrane potential trajectory during motoneuron rhythmic firing. Brain Research 59: 389-394.

1973EEGJ.htm 19-Jan-1997 23:02 8k
Calvin, W. H., Ojemann, G. A., and Ward, A. A., Jr. (1973). Human cortical neurons in epileptogenic foci: Comparison of inter-ictal firing patterns to those of "epileptic" neurons in animals. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 34:337-351. RealAudio sound file (about 50k).

1973ExpNeurol.htm 08-Jan-1997 17:54 4k
Kjerulf, T. D., O'Neal, J. T., Calvin, W. H., Loeser, J. D., Westrum, L.E. (1973). Deafferentation effects in lateral cuneate nucleus of the cat: correlation of structural alterations with firing pattern changes. Experimental Neurology 39: 86-102.

1974BrainRes.htm 13-Jan-1997 10:00 20k
Calvin, W. H. (1974). Three modes of repetitive firing and the role of threshold time course between spikes. Brain Research 69:341-346.

1975BrainRes.htm 13-Jan-1997 10:00 21k
Calvin, W. H., and Sypert, G. W. (1975). Cerebral cortex neurons with extra spikes: a normal substrate for epileptic discharges? Brain Research 83: 498-503.

1975BrainResWHC.htm 13-Jan-1997 10:00 13k
Calvin, W. H. (1975). Generation of spike trains in CNS neurons. Brain Research 84:1-22.

1975ExpNeurol.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:55 1k
Calvin, W. H., and Loeser, J. D. (1975). Doublet and burst firing patterns within the dorsal column nuclei of cat and man. Experimental Neurology 48:406-426

1976JNeurophysiol.htm 14-Feb-1998 19:38 16k
Calvin, W. H., and Sypert, G. W. (1976). Fast and slow pyramidal tract neurons: An intracellular analysis of their contrasting repetitive firing properties in the cat. Journal of Neurophysiology 39:420-434.

1977ClinNeurosurg.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:57 2k
Loeser, J. D., W. H. Calvin, and J. F. Howe (1977). Pathophysiology of trigeminal neuralgia. Clinical Neurosurgery 24:527-537.

1977JNeurophysiol.htm 14-Feb-1998 19:40 3k
Calvin, W. H., and Hartline, D. K. (1977). Retrograde invasion of lobster stretch receptor somata in the control of firing rate and extra spike patterning. Journal of Neurophysiology 40:106-118.

1977Pain.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:56 3k
Howe, J. F., Loeser, J. D., and Calvin, W. H. (1977). Mechanosensitivity of dorsal root ganglia and chronically injured axons: A physiological basis for the radicular pain of nerve root compression. Pain 3:25-41.

1977PainTic.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:56 2k
Calvin, W. H., Loeser, J. D., and Howe, J. F. (1977). A neurophysiological theory for the pain mechanism of tic douloureux. Pain 3:25-41.

1977Trigeminal.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:54 1k
Calvin, W. H., J. F. Howe, and J. D. Loeser (1977). Ectopic repetitive firing in focally demyelinated axons and some implications for trigeminal neuralgia. In: Pain in the Trigeminal Region (edited by D. J. Anderson and B. Matthews), pp. 125-136.

1978FedProc.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:56 1k
Calvin, W. H. (1978). Setting the pace and pattern of discharge: Do CNS neurons vary their sensitivity to external inputs via their repetitive firing processes? Federation Proc. (Symp.) 37:2165-2170.

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