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Clin Neurosurg 24: 527-537 (1977)

Pathophysiology of trigeminal neuralgia.

Loeser JD, Calvin WH, Howe JF

Tic douloureux is a painful affliction of man without known similarities to diseases in infrahuman species or to other human afflictions. It seems to be associated with structural abnormalities encroaching upon the trigeminal nerve, gasserian ganglion, or root entry zone. The multiple unique features of tic douloureux can be explained by a theory which is based upon presynaptic inhibition and reflection sites due to focal changes in axon diameter or myelination. We believe that this theory satisfactorily explains the varied phenomena of tic douloureux and is compatible with the limited anatomical and physiological data relevant to tic douloureux. It makes use of known physiological and anatomical concepts. It is capable of verification or refutation by experimental means.

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