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This 'tree' is really a pyramidal neuron of cerebral cortex.  The axon exiting at bottom goes long distances, eventually splitting up into 10,000 small branchlets to make synapses with other brain cells.
William H. Calvin

University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-1800 USA

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Calvin, W. H. (1980). Normal repetitive firing and its pathophysiology. In: Epilepsy: A Window to Brain Mechanisms (J. Lockard and A. A. Ward, Jr., eds.), Raven Press, New York, pp. 97-121.

1981Cable.htm 03-Dec-1996 19:58 2k
Turner, D. A., and Calvin, W. H. (1981). Dendritic analysis of lobster stretch receptor neurons: Electrotonic properties with single and distributed inputs. Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 1:189-207.

1982ExpNeurol.htm 14-Feb-1998 19:36 2k
Calvin, W. H., Devor, M., and Howe, J. F. (1982). Can neuralgias arise from minor demyelination? Spontaneous firing, mechanosensitivity, and afterdischarge from conducting axons. Experimental Neurology 75:755-763.

1983JTheoretBiol.htm 08-Aug-1998 09:24 45k
Calvin, W. H. (1983). A stone's throw and its launch window: timing precision and its implications for language and hominid brains. Journal of Theoretical Biology 104:121-135.

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Calvin, W. H. (1987). The brain as a Darwin machine. Nature 330:33-34 (5 November).

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Calvin, W. H. (1988). A global brain theory (a book review of Gerald Edelman's Neural Darwinism). Science 240:1802-1803 (24 June 1988). || Home Page || Calvin publication list || The Calvin Bookshelf ||