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2000 Year-end Letter
This 'tree' is really a pyramidal neuron of cerebral cortex.  The axon exiting at bottom goes long distances, eventually splitting up into 10,000 small branchlets to make synapses with other brain cells.
William H. Calvin
Katherine Graubard

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  Christmas 1999


On Waldron Island in the San Juans, August 2000, with a group from Friday Harbor Labs.

  Dressed for a big dinner honoring Edward O. Wilson



Various trips abroad.

April in Paris

Bill had a language-origins anthropology and linguistics meeting in Paris.


The chimera gargoyles atop Notre Dame


May in Kenya

Bill spent two weeks in Kenya, working on the book, and traveling around with Katherine's cousin, Susan Rifkin (who was living in Kisumu while setting up a postgraduate course in community health planning).  See the book for more description.

  Fisherman's coracle on Lake Baringo

Weavers at Lake Baringo

Cormorant at Lake Baringo atop fishing jetty.


Olorgesailie's sea of handaxes


Rhino at Lake Nakuru

Peacock (and Susan) at Lake Naivasha

Susan and the giraffes on Crescent Island in Lake Naivasha


Elephant in abandoned meander, near Little Governor's Camp, Maasi Mara

Wart hogs mowing the grass

Lions mating in Maasai Mara

Waterhole in Maasai Mara (the Kenyan part of the Serengeti)


Early morning aloft over the Serengeti.

Even in the Serengeti, balloons eventually come down (and sometimes tip over).

The nearby lions weren't interested in us (it was mating season).

Nor were they interested in our breakfast.  The upright Maasai spears serve as obstructions,
to keep the vultures from raiding the table.
The lions were in that clump of trees in the distance, near the border with Tanzania.


October 2000 in Southern Africa

Bill and Katherine spent two weeks in South Africa and Namibia, joined later by Katherine's cousin, Susan Rifkin (who traveled on with Bill to visit Botswana for the third week).  Again, see the relevant book chapters.

South Africa


At Sterkfontein, the famous hominid fossil site between Johannesburg and Pretoria

Katherine looking at the display table in the archaeologists' shed



Underground in Sterkfontein Grotto where Ron Clarke is uncovering a 3.3 million year old australopithecine skeleton


Phillip Tobias showing us the Taung child skull and endocast
(it was the first Australopithecine skull discovered, in 1924)

Tobias showing Bill another use for a hominid femur,
in the fossil vault at Wits in Johannesburg

English tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town

Susan, Katherine, and guide atop Table Mountain, looking at Cape Town


At the Cape of Good Hope with Susan

Penguin in False Bay.

View east from the Cape of Good Hope

Knysna harbor entrance, along South Africa's south coast.




Wild life at Sossusvlei, Namibia

Katherine and Susan descending Dune 45 at Sossusvlei, returning to oasis



Susan, Katherine, and a visitor (harbor tour in Namibia)

Lunch on the beach





Season's Greetings to all. Keep in touch!
Katherine and Bill

P.S. If you want to see the pictures from 2001 too, they are posted at WilliamCalvin.com/2001/yearend.htm.

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